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My name is Dwayne O. Wright and I inspire, motivate and empower people to live optimally by finding inner freedom and inner peace through the power of mindset.

>> Are you trying to achieve a happy and a more balanced life but can’t seem to find your footing?

>> Do you want to make wellness a priority in your life but keep falling off track?

>> Are you struggling to live a more meaningful and simple life?

>> Do you just want be to held accountable on your personal development journey?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then we may need to talk!

Start now by requesting a free, no obligation 30 mins easy talk session. Let’s see where you’re at, where you want to be, and how/if we can get you there.



To inspire motivate and empower men and women over 35 to optimize their lives by finding inner freedom and inner peace through the power of mindset.


Integrity. Honesty. Support. Accountability.


Who is Dwayne?

When I was about eight years old, growing up in Jamaica, my grandmother told me a story of a man who was about to give up on life.

One day he found himself with one ripe banana to his name, and decided that it would be his last meal before he took himself out of his misery.

He climbed a tree, put a rope around his neck, peeled the banana, dropped the peel under the tree, ate the banana and got ready to jump.

Another man was passing under tree, saw the banana peel, picked it up, ate it, and delightfully skipped away happy that he got something to eat.

The man looked down from the tree in awe and couldn’t believe what he just saw. He realized instantly that his situation was not as bad as he thought it was.

He took the rope from around his neck and climbed out of the tree with a different perspective on life.

This story created a foundation for my mindset and personal development and solidified three things in me from an early age.

1. Life is about perspective. There’s always another perspective that makes more sense.

2. No matter how bad my situation may be, it’s never the worst.

3. I am bigger than my circumstances. Circumstances will happen, but ultimately I control my attitude towards them.

But enough about me for now, i’m not here because of me, I’m here because of you.

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Your mind is the control center of your being. Your body is a physical representation of who you are. I truly believe that optimizing the whole person is essential for living your best life. An optimal life doesn’t mean perfect,it means working on yourself every day to be the best you can be.


  • How you perceive things

  • How you think about yourself

  • How you think about others

  • How you think about the world

Mindset is a SET way of thinking. It’s an established set of attitudes and beliefs that you hold on to.

The good thing about your mind is that, it can be optimized to function with the right set of thoughts that will in turn trigger the right set of attitude, to help you to live within your essence.


  • How healthy you are

  • How you feel

  • How you look

  • How you think

Wellness, like life itself, is a journey not a destination. Each day is another opportunity to practice healthy habits and work on yourself, to maintain or to make yourself better.

Wellness should be a part of your everyday life an not something that you put off for another time.






What is coaching and what’s in it for you?

Coaching is a process that is aimed to help you on your developmental journey. It focuses on the now and where you want to be. It helps you to see things from a different perspective and to shed light onto areas that you are struggling with. It helps you to get inspired, motivated and fired up to take necessary steps to improve and maximize your potential in different areas of your life.

You have a lot to gain from coaching. By answering thought provoking questions, and be honest with yourself, you will find the answers that you are looking for within yourself.

I Use A Reality-Driven, Client-centered coaching Approach.


Our Programs

We have two programs to choose from.

  1. The Wright Start Initiative™

  2. The Mind/Body Optimization Initiative™

Making life changes is about taking Initiative to do something. I know how difficult it can be to get started and get on your way to living your optimal life. That’s why I created these coaching programs to help make things a little easier and more realistic to get through.

Forget the fluff and the unrealistic, for the moment, feel good schemes. Welcome to a realistic, client-centered system—that works.

While there are differences in the two programs, they both point to the same direction—getting you on your way to an optimal life.