Sometimes all it takes is to look at things from a different perspective. That's all!

Why optimize and not change? Well, it's not very easy to make drastic changes in your life. People cringe at the thought of change, merely because they don't know what to expect. Making changes in your life is not just a single event. We often look at it as such, and therefore, when the change we were looking for didn't meet expectation, we relapse. In many cases, a dire circumstance must arise where there is no choice, for many people to make drastic changes to their lives. That's just the nature of us as humans.

Optimizing on the other hand is making gradual adjustments in your life, to make yourself more efficient. You already have it in you to be great. You have all the tools and the tendencies. With just a little help, and some tweeking, you could be on your way to an optimal life. When your mind and body are optimized, you will see the changes that you once thought about. 


"I am your partner on your journey to achieving your optimal LIFE".  







NAME: Dwayne O. Wright

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MY MESSAGE TO YOU: Hello, if you are stuck in a mindset that is limiting your drive and motivation to be happy and prosperous; healthy and fit; you now have a coach and partner in Dwayne O. Wright. I will ride with you on your journey to an optimal life.

You have it in you. You are special and unique, even if you are telling yourself otherwise. You are beautiful, even if no one had ever told you so. You can be fit, healthy, balanced, prosperous and happy with a great mindset, all at the same time! Life is too short to be otherwise.

MISSION: To help men and women 35 years and older, who got caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, optimize their minds and bodies.

WHY?: Because I want to inspire, motivate and uplift you to be the best version of yourself.

MOTTO: Look at life like it is, and not what you want it to be.

I approach life from an angle of reality and common sense, and not a fad. I pay attention to what works for you, and not whats popular. I coach you from your prospective and not mine. 

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Have you ever sat on the couch on your day off, feeling lazy and tired, and kept saying, I should get up and do something? What always happen? You turn the TV on, think about everything, and by you know it, it's 5 PM and nothing gets done. The reason is, when you "should" do something, there is no urgency; even though you know the importance of whatever you would like to get done.

Sometimes our "I MUST" has to be stoked by circumstances. For example your gas light comes on in your car. You know you can get an extra 20 mile after the light comes on. You kept saying, I should put gas in the car, but you kept driving anyway. You lost track of time, and your car starts bucking. Now your I should turns into, I must put gas in my car.

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Growth Mindset

Don't let your mind get in your way to greatness.


I have worked in a myriad of industries since living in this country...most of my jobs and businesses required dealing directly with people.  I've met and talked to people from all different backgrounds, religions, origins, cultures, financial statuses and you name it. Even though everyone is different, and possesses unique qualities; two things that are common among everyone and they are the need to be happy and healthy.

People achieve those things in different ways. When I talked to people who are neither happy nor healthy, I realize that one thing is holding them back..THEIR MINDSET.  Your mindset is a very powerful thing. It can make you or break you.  With just a few strategies and mind shifts, I can help you look at life differently. This mindset optimization will improve your relationships, your happiness, your prosperity, your health, and just about all aspects of your life.