We often think that to live optimally, we have to have a lot of money, live in a certain neighborhood, have a certain status, or be popular. Nothing is wrong with having all of that, but without the right balance, humility, good health, inner peace and a high level of consciousness, it could be worthless.

What is an Optimal life you might ask? An optimal life is the constant nurturing and maintaining of your mind and body to function at a high level. An optimal life does not mean a perfect life, it means a life that is lived with intention, purpose, meaning, and balance, that is manifested by your true essence.

You want to live optimally, that means you want to live in balance, you want to live well, you want to live happy, you want to live intentionally. Why do you want to live optimally? Because you want with ease and fulfillment. You get overwhelmed, burnt out, frustrated and sometimes feel like giving up. Why? Because there is too much information and not enough strategies to help you get to your goals. I understand your pain, and that’s why I do what I do. We approach life from an angle of reality and common sense, and not from an angle of irrationality and hype. We pay attention to what works for you, and not what's popular. We resist fads and fluff by all cost.

Many people will tell you to change or shift your mindset, or to have confidence, or do this or that, but are scarce on detailed strategies on how to do so effectively. We start from what we call The Core Foundational Mindset™️, then work our way up, tackling the important aspects of life, clearly and honestly.

We All Know That Serious Personal Development Is Not An Overnight, Quick Fix Mission. That's Why I Provide Common Sense, Reality Driven, Client-Centered Coaching Systems And Strategies That Will Help You To Take Small Steps To Acquire Long Term Results. 

Where It Started

I grew up in rural Jamaica without luxury and very little material things. What I had though, was love, happiness, and strong values. My grandmother taught me to stay firm, work hard and be the best person I can be in life.

My early years taught me to appreciate life and not take things for granted. It taught me to be humble. It taught me to make the best of every moment no matter how hard I think it is. It taught me that there are way more to life than material gains. It strengthens me to the core, and let me realize that when you are down, there is only one direction you can go, and that's up. It allowed me to define myself from an early age, so no one else got the chance to do so.

I became very interested in health and wellness in my early teens. I started exercising and paying attention to my diet. I cultivated a level of discipline that allows me to make wellness a part of my life from that time until now. 

I came to the United States when I was 20 years old, and got certified as a personal trainer a few years later. I worked with clients in the gym and their homes for a few years. While working as a fitness coach I realized that I had a lot more to offer; that's when I started my journey to becoming a life coach. Over the years I’ve helped many people change their perspectives and live a life that is more aligned with their true essence.

I Believe That Everything Is Connected. Your Mind Has An Effect On Your Body And Your Body Has An Effect On Your Mind. Justa small shift in your perspective could Keep Them performing at an optimal level.