There Is A Need For Your Service.

"There is always a need for your service". That is something that I learned about 13 years ago when I lived in Atlanta. I was about to quit my 9 to 5 job and enter the entrepreneurial world. I was doing personal training part time and was about to launch another business. Landscaping. I was in so much doubt because there were so many landscaping businesses out there. "Where would I fit in"? I asked myself.

I met a lady one day and we were talking for a bit. She asked me If I knew of any good landscaper, because she was unhappy with the current company that she was using. I told her I didn't know anyone personally, but I could ask around for her. I then told her that I was thinking about starting a landscaping company, but the market is too saturated. 

She said to me, "there is always a need for your service as long as you are doing a good job, and doing what others are not doing." That advice kept me on my heels for a few weeks - and even led me to start researching equipment and products. I had my share of doubts based on the level of market saturation, but something deep down kept telling me that I could do this.

Within 6 months I had a growing landscaping business with about 40 paying clients. My name was quickly getting around, and soon most people around town would know who I was. My level of work and customer service spoke for itself.

This same advice can be applied to any business or any aspect of life. Even if you are offering the same goods or service as everybody else, your unique touch could make a huge difference. If you have a dream, or a passion for something, pursue it to the best of your ability, because somebody somewhere is waiting to be served by you. It's always interesting to see how different people connect with one thing about you. A group of people could like one thing about you, and that could be enough to take your business to the next level.

When I decided to really delve into the field of life coaching head on, that great advice helped me to solidify my decision. "There is always a need for my service." 

I've been a health and wellness enthusiast since I was in my early teens. I started working out when I was 16 years old and continued until this day. When a lot of my peers were reading comics and novels at that age, I was reading about nutrition and personal development. I got certified as a personal trainer in 2004 through NESTA

I started out training clients in the gym, then transitioned into doing in home training. It was very fulfilling to take someone from a state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with themselves to a state of happiness satisfaction. While training my clients, they always shared personal stories and experiences with me. I usually offer my listening ears, gave a word of advice or encouragement, and kept them motivated.

With a lot of hours and dollars spent on my own education and personal development; a lot of reading along with my upbringing and personal experiences, I think I am ready and able to help you get to your life to a satisfactory level. I think I can help you to get past your limiting mindset to a simple way of thinking, that will help you live a more manageable life. I think I can help you to strike your balance, live well, and live optimally. 

So now that I am all the way into my life coaching practice, I will be blogging on a regular basis. I will be putting out good content that will help you on your journey to a great life. Always feel free to leave a comment or critique. One thing I am asking is to keep it respectful. Thank you.