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Inspire. Motivate. Empower.

I help men and women, especially those over 35, optimize their lives by finding balance, and living well.

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Who is Dwayne?

Hello wonderful people, thank you for taking the first step towards living an optimal life. My aim is not become internet famous or to make more money than I can spend. My aim is to help as many people as I possibly can, be the best version of themselves. I genuinely like to help people, and has been doing it since I can remember — for free!

Probably you don't want to be skinny; probably you don't want to have big muscles; probably you don't want to be a millionaire; probably you don't want to be an entrepreneur; probably you don't want to be a public speaker; probably you don’t want to be on TV or in the public square — you get the drift right? Ok great!

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To Optimize or to Change?

 Many people cringe at the thought of change, merely because they don't know what to expect — or they are comfortable with what they are used to.

Making changes in your life is not just a single event, it's a process. It starts and ends in your mindset — how you think and perceive things.

In many cases, a dire circumstance has to arise where there is no choice, for many people to make changes to their lives. That's just the nature of us humans.

Optimizing is making gradual adjustments in your life, to make yourself more efficient. By optimizing your life, it gives you more leverage to have more control of your life.

The need to make drastic changes lessens a lot, because you evaluate and readjust all aspects of your life. Self evaluation is a major factor on your optimal journey.

You already have it in you to be the best you. Sometimes it takes someone or something to help bring out that reality.

When your mind and body are optimized, you will see the changes that you once thought about. 


Don’t spend your whole life preparing to live—just live.

Start where ever you are, however you are! 



Wellness according to the dictionary is a state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. I will go a little further and say, wellness is living everyday to the best version of yourself. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

There are different aspects to wellness to make your life optimal. You shouldn't spend your whole life pursuing wellness; one should aim to make it a part of their life. Its always easier to maintain a situation than to create it.

One of the most important aspects of wellness is balance. A balanced life is a more manageable life. A more manageable life is a happy life. A happy life is a life worth living. Everything is connected.

Once you decide that's it's time to start living optimally, everything will fall into place. It takes a lot of sacrifice, effort and motivation in the beginning, but trust me, it gets better.


Our Programs

We have two programs to choose from.

  1. The Wright Start Initiative™

  2. The Mind/Body Optimization Initiative™

Making life changes is about taking Initiative to do something. I know how difficult it can be to get started and get on your way to living your optimal life. That’s why I created these coaching programs to help make things a little easier and more realistic to get through.

Forget the fluff and the unrealistic, for the moment, feel good schemes. Welcome to a realistic, client-centered system—that works.

While there are differences in the two programs, they both point to the same direction—getting you on your way to an optimal life.